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Debt Assignments

Debtors of an insolvent entity are often extremely difficult to prize money out of.  Taking the sometimes chaotic nature of records in an insolvency and the ability to wear down a busy IP's office who are often dealing with more pressing issues in the administration or liquidation process. 


 Cavendish IP Solutions will purchase debts from the insolvent company on either a pence in the   £ basis or else on a percentage of realizations basis and will take the matter out of your hands leaving you free to focus on core work and efficiently use your resources as well as giving you a return at the point of sale which can be particularly useful in situations where you are looking to close the case in the near future. 


Where you are looking to close a case or you just dont want to incur monitoring costs Cavendish IP Solutions will also purchase debts where periodic payments have been agreed.

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