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Litigation Funding & Assignment

Lack of resources to properly investigate and pursue litigation is a perennial problem for Insolvency Practitioners.  Even when there is sufficient money in the pot pursuing litigation which may not yield dividends for years can place a drain on resources that are unwelcome in a busy insolvency practice. 


Using Litigation funding or assigning the claim to Cavendish has the following advantages:


  • It reduces the workload by taking on the burden of assessing and running litigation.

  • It provides certainty with an upfront payment for a case.

  • It guarantees insulation from adverse costs.

  • Funding meets the legal costs and expenses taking away the need to negotiate with solicitors for Conditional Fee Agreements.  

  • Were a claim is purchased it can provide separation from the target where there may be potential conflict of interest issues, such as, the person who provided the job has an ongoing relationship with the directors. 

  • Finally if a case it rejected by us it provides something that can be taken to the creditors to show the attempt to realise the asset and an independent third party has assessed and rejected it.

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